If you put this into Google you’ll find a lot of articles that claim most students take ‘soft subjects’ like media studies or psychology nowadays, but are these really easier to pass? Whilst subjects like chemistry and maths may have a reputation for being inherently tough, subjects such as drama or media are commonly pushed aside and considered easy just for not being STEM subjects.

1. The ones you're interested in

For us, we’d say the easiest subjects to pass are the ones you are interested in. If you are interested in a subject then you’re likely to enjoy studying it and won’t mind putting aside your time to revise and do work. It also means you actually pay attention to the content so you’re more likely to remember it in exams, therefore it is easier to pass. So whilst subjects like physics make come easily to some people, it may be impossible to others just because they find the content so boring. Likewise with photography; a lot of STEM students would struggle as they simply wouldn’t have the interest to put in the work required.

2. The ones you're good at

Of course the easiest subjects are also the ones you’re typically good at. If you have always been a mathematical person then subjects like chemistry, maths and physics will be much easier for you. If you’ve always had a knack for constructing arguments then essay subjects like history, English or RE will come more naturally to you. If you have a great memory then content heavy subjects like psychology or biology will seem simple. Everyone has different strengths so what is easier for someone else to pass won’t be the same for you.

In fact, we don’t think there are easy A Levels to pass. After all, the A stands for Advanced so it is never going to be easy. If you are a creative person and enjoy being artistic then subjects like art or drama will be more suited to you and be less difficult to pass. If you’re an analytic person then subjects like English literature and language or history may be best for you. Don’t just choose a subject because it is supposedly ‘soft’ as the chances are it isn’t in reality and it is equally as difficult as the other subjects you’re taking.