For those of you that are sure of which course you'd like to do at degree level, choosing A Levels can be as simple as just looking at the university course entry requirements. But when you don't know or the entry requirements are just points based it can be a little harder to choose.

1. Pick at least one facilitating subject

Regardless of which area you'd like to go into, it's always best to have at least one (preferably two) facilitating subjects as defined by Russell Group universities. These are classic subjects like geography, maths and English which are applicable to the majority of university courses. If you take two of these then you will have a good range of courses to choose from when it comes to applying.

2. Choose a range of subject types

We'd also suggest that you choose a range of subject types. Choosing one or two STEM subjects, along with an essay subject is a great way to show your versatility to universities. Also if you can choose a language, these have a great reputation when applying for courses.

3. Go for a subject you're interested in

After this you can afford you use your other option on a so-called ‘soft subject’. Typically this just means the subject isn't considered a facilitating subject even though it is a perfectly good A Level- like psychology or economics. When choosing one of these your main focus should be on what interests you rather than what looks good on applications. You're much more likely to succeed if you're interested in a subject.

4. History and English are always a good choice

Even if you want to go into a creative area then facilitating subjects like history or English are still a good choice. They show your ability to be creative when analysing and demonstrate your ability to create an argument. Of course you could obviously do the specific area you want to do as your third or fourth choice, for example music or drama.

At the end of the day, if you're really unsure then we'd just choose a variety of subjects that interest you. You are much more likely to receive higher grades in it if you enjoy it and it is better that you get higher grades in those subjects than lower grades in subjects that you chose just because you thought you should- a common reason for why people choose subjects like maths or science. Like we said, just make sure that you enjoy them regardless of what you pick as you'll have to spend two more years studying it.