Note taking is a revision method that is used by pretty much all students at some point, but it isn't always the most effective technique for remembering information. The chances are you will normally have at least some notes on a topic from your lessons and homework tasks so rewriting them can sometimes be unnecessary.

1. Making notes is great for visual learners

If you find that taking notes seems to take forever, then there are probably more effective ways for you to spend your time. However, if you find that rewriting information in your own words helps you to process it better then it may be a worthwhile process to do when revising. If you also find that your class notes are too scruffy to read then it may be worth rewriting them so you have a good source of information to revise from.

2. Using post-it notes and mind maps for kinaesthetic learners

Even if you do learn best by writing, there are several alternatives to writing your notes out. You could annotate your textbook (using post it notes if you're not allowed to write on it) to add further information or condense it further. You could think of key questions about the content and answer them. Or another alternative is to put the information into a mind map. Not only is it a more visual form, it also requires you to condense the information into keywords so it should take less time.

3. Watching videos as a better alternative for auditory learners

Some people may not find any form of writing helpful. There are many other revision techniques such as watching videos or reading other people’s notes.

You can also do practice questions if you're more of a practical learner. For people who are audio learners, recording yourself reading your notes then listening to them is a great way to revise the content.

It is about your preferences and your learning style. If you're a quicker writer or learn best by putting content into your own words then it may be a good way to revise the material. However, if you find writing a chore and you learn best by practicing using the information then it likely isn't the best use of your time. There are many alternatives to writing out notes repeatedly and they all have their strengths and weaknesses so it is really down to what you prefer.