Your teachers will always tell you that A Levels are difficult to the point where they begin to seem impossible. Thankfully they're not and it doesn't take much to pass your A Level exams, providing you're willing to put in the work.

1. Study independently

One of the key skills you'll need at A Level is the ability to study independently. The courses tend to be so dense that it is impossible to cover in lesson time with your teacher so you need to have the ability to go away and research things for yourself. If you're ever unsure of what you need to know then we'd recommend checking your course’s syllabus for guidance.

2. Put your organisational skills to use

Following on from this you'll also need organisational skills as you're likely to get a lot more work than you're used to at GCSE. Using any type of planning method- planner, diary, bullet journal- is an easy way to organise and prioritise the things you need to do. Keeping track of your work is key when you start to get a lot more than you're used to, especially as once you fall behind it's even harder to catch up again. This isn't just time organisation though; you also need to keep your notes and information well organised so that they're easy to find when it comes to revision.

3. Keep revising

Another key thing is just to keep revising! Just memorising the content is not enough for A Levels because the examiners expect you to apply it. The sooner that you learn the content, the easier it'll be to apply. Also, by going over the things you learnt earlier in the year it will be easier to learn new content as you'll be able to make links between it- a good way to make the huge amount of content a little less daunting when it comes down to revising.

4. Keep your stress at bay

Upon saying all of this, we'd also suggest that you should just relax. Stressing yourself over A Levels is likely to make you less productive. Sit down and list everything you have to do then just get started. A Levels are difficult and it'll take time to get used to the style of learning but you can do it. Don't expect to be at the highest grades from the start, an E counts as a pass grade at A Level so don't punish yourself if you're not getting Cs or Bs right away. You still need a break every now and then, you can always come back to your work an hour later if you're getting too stressed or upset. Just remember to keep going, you can do it.