Before you’re sat down and ready to start studying at home, it’s important you take some steps to ensure you have an effective session. Here are some of our tips that will help you create a good workspace allowing you to stay focused.

1. Find a good spot to study.

Making sure you’re comfortable is the first thing to do, as you want to reduce the urge to get up or readjust which will be distracting. Find somewhere that you will be ready to commit to for however long you’ve set out for yourself.

2. Take yourself away from distractions.

Reducing the external influences that will stop you studying is the best way to make sure you have a good session. While housebound, that means sitting in a room without those distractions in. If it will help to take yourself away from the temptations of TV and video games, then do it!

3. Turn off your phone.

Notifications will disrupt your rhythm, so it’s important these are minimised. If you don't want to turn off your phone, why not try downloading a productivity app like Forest, which rewards you by planting trees for inactivity on your device.

4. Keep your desk tidy and organised.

Having everything in the right place means you’ll know where to find what you need and will mean you won’t waste valuable time looking for things! It’s very easy to accidentally create clutter, so stay on top of this and you’ll find it much easier to work.

5. Rotate your study locations.

Sometimes a new place will bring new ideas, so even if it just means sitting in a different room or seat within your house, switch it up so you don’t get stuck in one headspace. Having a few different options when it comes to places to work will keep your mind fresh.

Your workspace is incredibly important in ensuring your study session is effective, remember to follow these steps each time you study to get the most out of it!