You're still in time to make things right! Get these key tips for a strong start of the new semester for a student from a student!

1. Start early

Start studying early and don’t leave things for later. Don’t postpone your study, readings and assignments. It’ll get more intense as the semester kicks in and its better to get things out of the way.

2. Read the course outlines

Make sure you read the course outlines from top to bottom as they have everything you need to know about your courses. Then, set up a calendar with key dates for assignments, quizzes and exams so you don’t forget!

3. Find a study buddy for each course

Finding a study friend will help you keep up with the material being taught and it's also a great way to make new friends :).

4. Find your own way of taking notes

Take notes on the computer, on some paper, or take photos with your phone. You will not always go back to them but it helps to incorporate new concepts in lectures and it will keep you focused.

5. Make a list!

They help you keep your head organized and not forget important deadlines and things you have to do.

Best of luck! :)