Probably the biggest productivity killer, procrastination will affect all of us at some point, especially when we’re revising for exams. It’s very easy to put off the revision you need when you’d rather browse YouTube and Reddit, but it’s important to maintain your discipline if you’re going to succeed. Here are a few tips in blocking out procrastination.

1. Take yourself away from distractions.

Reducing the external influences that will stop you from revising is the best way to make sure you have a good session, so if that means leaving your house and going to the library so that you’re away from the temptations of TV and video games, then do it!

2. Turn off your phone.

Notifications will disrupt your rhythm, so it’s important these are minimised. Turning off your phone is the most effective way to do that, and it will also stop you from checking it regularly. If you don't want to turn off your phone, why not try downloading a productivity app like Forest, which rewards you by planting trees for inactivity on your device.

3. Turn procrastination into something useful.

If you do find yourself getting distracted, and you really can’t focus on what you’re doing, sometimes it is useful to take a structured break and do something else. Make sure you aren’t just spending hours playing Fortnite though - try and do something productive for a set amount of time. Spend an hour exercising, so that the time you spend not studying is benefitting you in some other way.

4. Set app timers.

If you find that you keep coming back to Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever app that’s keeping you from being productive, why not set a daily timer on how much you can use it? Most phones now offer functionality to prevent app use after hitting a certain screen time limit. Set yourself a time of 30 minutes for the apps that distract you, and try your best to stick to them!

Be disciplined! Procrastination can creep up on you very easily, especially during long revision sessions. Be careful not to get carried away on your breaks and make sure you don’t find yourself getting distracted for extended periods of time.